PPS plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of parliamentarians, employees, visitors and the buildings within the Parliamentary Precinct. PPS is responsive to the needs of the evolving environment and is responsible for the following:

  • Protective Operations – providing protective services to the parliamentarians, employees, visitors and buildings of the Parliamentary Precinct.
  • Scanning and Access Control – controlling access to the Parliamentary Precinct, which includes restricting access to unauthorized persons and screening persons within the Precinct area.
  • Perimeter Protection – protecting the perimeter of the Parliamentary Precinct, with a goal of preventing, detecting and responding to potential threats.
  • Alarm Monitoring – monitoring and responding to alarms within the Parliamentary Precinct.
  • Operational Communications – managing all operational communications via the Operational Communications Centre.
  • Ceremonial Traditions – ensuring that ceremonial traditions are sustained and remains committed to providing the necessary uniformed resources to support these traditions.

In addition to these responsibilities, PPS works closely with a range of partners to coordinate security and safety efforts across the precinct. Key partners include the Senate Corporate Security Directorate, the House of Commons Corporate Security Office, RCMP National Division and the Ottawa Police Service.